Amazing Features

As specialists in the field of „Novelties, the future technology, we always think a lot ahead.


To became a Novelty, that needs a professional support and developement.

Design Engineering

Developing and creating a sample for real conditions.


We create a smart Solutions or product for special demands.


Will find a way because of different views on thinks.


Proceed simulations and tests like Microbiological Testing, GMP-conforming Hygiene Monitoring, Biocompatibility, Cleaning Validation


Finding steril procesess and packing solutions. We work according to the following standards.


We create and solve technical issues on behalf of our clients. "The expansion of Innovation" is the password that is realized through the introduction of unique and innovative solutions to the general and technology. We are committed to continuous development through participation in a variety of groundbreaking projects as well as the continuous improvement of the company's value. We are everywhere where there are unresolved technical problems and where we can support the actions of their experience of our partners.

Team / Partner

Only excellent players can play a major role in the rapidly expanding world. Our partners all have major strengths in the field of R & D. The joining of forces creates focus and critical mass, needed to be a top level player in the world of novelties and inventors.


Correspondence Adress:

Baier Consulting, s.r.o,
M. Martinceka 4701/2
SK 03101 Liptovský Mikuláš

Baier Consulting s.r.o Venturska 14 SK-811 01 Bratislava, ico: 35 925 108, Bratislava 35216/B, VAT-ID. SK2021965946,

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